Jigme Lingpa Centers are independently run and operated Dharma Centers and non-profit organizations inspired by the vision of Rinpoche to provide students, the community and the public at large with Buddhist teachings, centers of fellowship and places to meditate and develop their practice. Lama Lhanang serves as the spiritual teacher at the Centers. With his guidance, the Jigme Lingpa Centers continue to grow and provide meaningful service to students and the public. They can be found throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe and Asia as well.

Rinpoche’s main focus for these centers is working on the creation of world peace through inner peace. He says his life is not his, he has dedicated it to working for world peace.


San Diego Sangha - San Diego, CA
email:  simplepath@hotmail.com
phone: (310)384.1823      

New York State Study Group - Saratoga, NY
email: Joe Kulin  joekulin@aol.com

Orgyen Rinchen Ling Center - El Centro CA
email:  rinchenling@cuhsd.net
phone: (760)337.1407      

Jigme Lingpa Center - Los Angeles, CA
website: http://www.jigmelingpacenter.com
emails:   janmail8@gmail.com
phone: (310)922.7121      


Orgyen Sang Ngag Ling - Lindsay, Ontario
email:  calverleyr@yahoo.ca
tel: (705)878.8861      

Dharmachakra Center
website: http://www.wisdompath.ca/
email:  info@wisdompath.ca
tel:  (705) 933.6633      

Ottawa Group - Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
contact: Marianna or Claire
email:  lamalhanangottawa@hotmail.com
tel: (613)558.3039  

Pema Ringdzing Ling - Peterborough, Ontario
Peterborough, Ontario.
website: http://www.pansophic.info
email: tenzin.gyalpo@rocketmail.com


Guilford, Surrey
contact: Peter and Anna Woods
email:  XoKiin@yahoo.com


Study Group - Lucerne, Switzerland
contact: Heidi Jurt
email:  planetchina@yahoo.com


contact: Ambika Maria
email:  marialive@yahoo.com


Jigme Lingpa Center México - Tijuana, B.C.
Obsidiana #20 Fracc. el Rubí Tijuana, Baja California
website: http://www.budismotijuana.org
email: budismotijuana@gmail.com  
Tel.(664)634 8665

Casa Ilama - Mexicali, B.C.
Mexicali, Baja California
website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139345849449610/
email:  kharmalhamo@gmail.com

Casa Dakini - Tijuana, B.C.
Vasconcelos 18 Col. Burócratas Hipódromo, Tijuana Baja California
website: http://www.casadakini.org
email:  info@casadakini.org  casadakini@gmail.com
Tel. (664)621 0119 

Ensenada Sangha - Ensenada, B.C.
Ciruelos 456 lomas de valle verde, Ensenada, Baja California
website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/471990290586/
email:  artesdeltibet@gmail.com
tel: (646)1754229      

Sian Ka'an Meditation and Art Group - Tulum, Q.R.
Tulum, Quintana Roo
website: http://annawoods.com/WordPress/xo-kiin-in-the-sian-kaan-biosphere-mexico
email:  XoKiin@yahoo.com
tel:  (512) 772-1747  

Cancún Connection - Cancún, Q.R.
email:  leticia_hassey@hotmail.com

México, D.F.
Mexico City Contact
email:  rcl@itj.edu.mx


Study Group
contact: Andree Holock 
email:  aholock@gmail.com


Study Group - Madrid, Spain
contact: Trinidad Serrano
email:  trinidadserrano@yahoo.es