Much of Rinpoche’s work focuses on the youth of the world. He is a keynote speaker and workshop leader at many international youth conferences, schools and churches. He has participated in conferences at The Church of Today in Michigan, Earth Dance Global Gathering 2000 of Native Peoples, led speaking engagements at Trent, Brock and Lake Field Universities in Canada as well as at Carlston College in Ottawa, attended the 2001 World Religions Symposium at Arizona Western College, Thomas Jefferson High School and Xochicaco University in Mexico, Universidad of Autonoma de Baja California, the Alternative High School in Scarborough, Canada, Native Peoples of Winnipeg, and the Peace Pole conference at the University of Illinois. In his work with young people, Lama Lhanang offers guidance to the problems of everyday life. He calls upon his own experience to assist youths with their concerns about the future and their search for identity, focusing on their feelings and how to use them in a peaceful and positive way.

Note: add link or video of Lama with Queretaro Students, Thomas Jefferson School.